Translation tool inserting symbols instead of Arabic text

I have been looking around on the different threads to find the answer but no matter what I try the the problem persists.

I am using the translate tool in storyline 2 to export my english text in word I then insert the corresponding Arabic text, which looks fine there. When I import it back into storyline it shows it as symbols instead of the actual Arabic text. 

I have already installed an arabic keyboard and can change writing direction and I can also insert ARabic text into the storyline file without problems. Also, I have tried using the unicode fonts, but without any difference.

I have attached a screenshot showing how the translated text is shown in storyline.

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Christoffer Bengt

Here is one of the .story files I want translated before I exported English text and imported arabic text that turned into nonsense. I also have a much larger .story file that I need translated, but if this doesn't work I need to do the other one completely manual.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Christoffer!

Thanks for sharing your file and allowing me to take a peek. 

I was able to translate this content, although not accurately I'm sure utilizing Google Translate, and the text came through as I would expect.

Are you able to recreate this issue in another file or is it limited to this file? 

Be sure you are following the guidelines to translate here.