translation tool: what order are objects/text containers exported to the Word table?

Jan 20, 2016

I would love to use the translation tool more for editing in Word, but I cannot figure out the order that items are exported in (the rows).  I thought text  would be grouped by slide, but obviously not.  Can you help? 

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Miranda Verswijvelen

Hi Denise,

I have had the same puzzle as you (very hard if people need to translate!), and I think I've figured out that it puts text in the rows according to when you added it to the module.

This means that when you insert a new slide in between created slides, or add text to an existing slide, it ends up further in the document.  As far as I know there is no solution for it - providing your translators with the module to check helps them locate the sentences in context...





Denise Landgraf

Thanks Miranda and Ashley for the quick response and suggestions.  

I tried to use Translator as an editing tool.  I would print the exported results with the reference column and give a hard copy to SMEs to edit in the 3rd column.  I had to give up this practice because even using a hard/electronic copy of the course to compare with, the  SMEs became very frustrated trying to locate the correct content to edit. I once attempted to label every text box identifying the slide it belonged to, but quickly recognized that this practice was much too time-consuming and futile.   

Right now I have a 160-slide software simulation; add in all the layers and whew, it gets complicated. Sure would be nice if the content exported in slide order like when publishing the project to Word. That would be a HUGE game changer for me in reducing and simplifying the editing process.    hint, hint engineers :)  

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