Translation Word-doc shows AltText - where can I turn that off?

Hello all,

I have finished a big project which now has to be translated. The exported Word-Doc has many local drive references for pictures in the "Translate this column" area. All set to ID´s like {bmp...AltText}.

Where can I turn that off or where do I edit these origin pathes of my computer (like "T:\USER\Folder1\Folder2\graphic_gr.emf").

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Christian Brandt

Phil, thank you for your fast response!!

Leslie, thank you!! The problem is, that the translation will be passed to the market responsibles. They will start to translate everything if I don´t integrate some help. I thought, that the reference in the first column will be read by articulate during import and only exsiting text will be imported. It would be great, if articulate would be able to jump missing references!! (Important idea for the next storyline update!!!)

Please have a look at the Table! My initial question was, how i could edit the computer path out of the "AltText" reference which ist the greatest part of the 74 pages word document. nearly 50% of the doc are references like "T:\User\Sources...", most of the repeating over 4-5 lines with reference to the same picture. Those would be lines which I would like to delete or hide somehow so the persons do not edit this in word. 

Also: seeing this makes me wonder: who will read this in the finished course and when?? Whilest pointing at it with the cursor? (this would be very bad!!)

Second: I find it very inconvenient, that the format of the text is exported and can not be changed!! I know, that there will be unprofessionals working with my doc. I will have to compare all formatings over 75 (!) Pages full of lines and reformat it after I get the translation back. The course will be available in 9 lenguages..!
(I think, this is another feature, the staff should optimize for the next update!!)

Thank you for your help!!!