Transparency Issues

 Hello Heroes,

This is what it should do:

The user clicks on an image (black letters, transparent background) and is redirected to another slide. 

This the problem:

When running the course on Docebo in IE11 on some computers (and possibly also Safari and Firefox) the image isn't recognized as such. The user can only click on the letters and not on the (transparent) background.

·        The problem doesn't occur in IE9, nor in Chrome. The logo is recognized as a complete image and you can click anywhere on the pic to get to the next slide.

·        Putting a transparent rectangle (hotspot)with the same triggers as the image itself on top of the image doesn't work: the transparency is not recognized.

·        Putting a fully white rectangle underneath the image with the same triggers as the image itself doesn't work: the white fill of the rectangle underneath isn't recognized.

·        I publish with Scorm1.2 and HTML5, but changing these factors don't affect the transparency problem...

·        This is quite a big issue as it makes the use of images as buttons or hotspots impossible in my courses...

Any suggestions?

Thanks a lot!


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Christie Pollick

Hi, Natacha -- Thanks for your patience while I tested your file! Unfortunately, after I published your file and uploaded it to the SCORM Cloud for testing (on a Windows 7 machine within IE11, v. 11.0.9600.18230, as well as Chrome 49.0.2623.87 m, and I was able to click on the transparent box (rather than just on the letters themselves) to open the corresponding slide. 

Please see this link for my published output and let me know if you find the same. 

natacha wouters

Hello Christie,

Thanks for testing! It works fine on my computer too... The issue occurs on another computer than my own, which makes it really difficult to test...
In any case, I guess I'm going to give it a try with the transparent rectangle (as suggested by Walt below).