transparencyof objects not maintained when publshing or previewing

Jan 05, 2013


I'm working on a project and although transparency of .gif images is retained when I look at the unpublished/unpreviewed version of my course, when I preview or publish the transparency is gone.

So, for example. I've made a game show and have "buttons" made of images. Some of them are round, but when I preview/publish, they are square. Even the shadow I put on the image, (round on screen) turns square.

is there a way to maintain the transparency of these objects, or am I stuck with square buttons?


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Meryem M

Hi Dottie,

What I would try is to first save those gifs as png.  Right click on your image and click "Save as Picture."  Then once you have them nicely saved in a folder somewhere, right click on your gif-button and click "Change Picture."  Change it to the png you just saved.  If you end up with some border that you don't want, then click PictureTools/Recolor/Set Transparent Color to set that border color to transparent.

I always work with png files and don't have any trouble with transparency.

I hope this helps.

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