Transparent area of a image is clickable again

I am upgrading older project from SL2 to SL3. With the update of SL3 the transparent area of a image became clickable again. This issue was fixed in SL2. So in SL2 transparent area of a image were not clickable, which allowed flexibel layouts.

This bug ruined my projects. Are there any plans to fixed it? Or do I have to use a workaround by myself?

A detailed description of the problem can be found here



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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Alexandra.  In Storyline 3, I'm seeing two types of behavior with buttons.  When I have a button formatted with No Fill and No Outline, it is not clickable.  When I have a button with a solid fill set to 100% transparency, it is still clickable even though I can't see it.

Let me know what is happening on your end:

  • Are you using buttons?
  • Do you have them set to No Fill or 100% transparency?
  • Is it possible to use the No Fill option?

We'll go through some next steps based on your answers!