Transparent buttons are not working

Feb 01, 2021

I recently updated my Storyline to the most recent version (I was using v 3.35). I am finding that buttons that have no fill/no stroke are not working. When I fill the button with a solid color or image, it begins to recognize my mouse. Is this intended or am I missing something? 

My buttons are also not recognizing the selected state.

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Walt Hamilton

This is correct behavior. Buttons with no fill do not have substance inside of them (no fill), so there is nothing to catch the mouse presence or click.

If you want a see-through button that recognizes the mouse, give it a fill, then set the transparency to 100%. That allows you to see through them, but they have a fill, which will catch the mouse.

Without a fill, they can't be selected (unless you are very lucky to catch the outline), so can't be selected. A fill may solve both problems.