Transparent video in HTML5 output

Sep 12, 2016

First up I know this has been raised several times but I need an update. What is the situation with transparent video and HTML5? I am not interested in hearing about Flash as Flash is dead, I need to be able to move beyond Flash and being able to use transparent video is a deal breaker. 

Is there any progress on having the ability to use transparent video in a Storyline HTML5 project?

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Ali Goulet

Hi Kai- Thank you so much for taking the time to share your thoughts and concerns here, it's always appreciated. Storyline 2 does not currently support videos with alpha transparency in HTML5. Take a peek at this comparison chart for reference. I can't speak to a roadmap on future support and features, but if this is something you feel strongly about I highly recommend reaching out to our production team by way of this form

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