Transparent Video Presenter in HTML5

Hi Storyline Community,

I would love to get anyone's suggestions about how best to proceed?  I am creating a course with a transparent video presenter that also needs to show on the iPad (HTML5).  I know that once SL converts the slide to .mp4 you lose the ability to have transparencies.  I thought of a few workarounds and was wondering which one's would be best:

1) Export the entire "stage" as a FLV using After Effects and Premier and just use that as a full page movie for a bunch of slides.

2) Video screen capture as the presenter over the slides and again use that as a video for the whole slide.

3) Don't use a transparency and instead use the same color for the presenter as the background for the side (using After Effects to change the presenters background).  Then push the video to the background and have the rest of the slide over the presenter.

I would love to know what anyone thinks or maybe a missed an option.  Thank you for any help.


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