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Aug 05, 2015

I opted for the 30 free trial to try out StoryLine before my agency makes the purchase. I am actually having a difficult time trying to access the trial exercises. The Assets folder is there, but the only tab that lights up is INSERT. I cannot go any further . Then I tried to develop a project on my own and nothing is available. My 30 day trial is running out and all I have been able to do is listen to/ look at the tutorials; which would be very helpful if I was able to put what I learned to practice.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Patricia, 

I'm sorry to hear about the difficulty you're having with the course and getting started, but I'm unsure about the issue you're describing specifically. Are you working through the exercises here? I'm not sure which of those you're grabbing the Assets folder from - but the Insert would be how you should be adding elements such as images, videos, etc. into your course. 

You'll also want to check and confirm that you're working on project files as described here and if unusual behavior persists in Storyline you may want to look at conducting the repair as described here. If the 30 day trial period is up and you're still having a hard time - please connect with our Support team here for some more individualized assistance and then they'll be able to extend your trial as well. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Patricia,

It looks like a portion of your reply got cut off here, so I'm unsure where things stand. 

You can do the practice exercises at your own pace, watching the video or after - or just dive right into working in Storyline. 

Are you able to share a bit more information about what exactly is happening? Any screenshots or recordings of the behavior would also be helpful. 

Patricia Freeman


Thank you for your reply. Excuse the fact that I accidentally pushed the
"send" button on the previous e-mail.

I have several questions:
(1) I cannot enter the practice sessions. It appears that the practice
sessions can be done at the time one is viewing the tutorial. If that is
so, I cannot make that happen. I cannot split screen-nor can I start a "new

(2) I even tried to just start a new project on my own to practice and the
only tab that is highlighted is the INSERT tab. After that, I try to insert
something, I cannot do it.

(3) Can one develop a "full" new project and "publish" it in the trial mode?

I would like to feel successful in working in this program---but as of
today, I have nothing to show for it. I even downloaded the Storyline 2
User Guide---but the index of the guide (for a lot of it) does not
correlate with the tutorial written downloads and the sequence they are

My trial days are going away fast. I like the tutorials, but I realize I
need a lot of practice to feel like I can master this software and convince
my agency to purchase it.

Is there a phone number with a live person I could talk to---or is all the
technical assistance done electronically?

Thank you.

Patricia A. freeman


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Patricia, 

I want to confirm that we're discussing the same things, so I'll break this down one by one. 

1. In regards to the "practice sessions", are you referring to pages such as this one in the Getting Started tutorials? You don't need to complete them a) to begin using storyline, b) in any particular order, c) or in conjunction with watching the video using a split screen. They are there only as guidance for you to use as you wish. 

2. You mentioned starting a new project doesn't allow you to do anything other than use the "Insert" tab. I'd want to confirm that Storyline is installed locally and if it's not behaving in a normal way - I'd go through repairing the software in case something occurred during the installation. 

3. The trial of Articulate software is a full version of the software, so you can use all features including publishing the content and then uploading it to a server/LMS/etc. 

You mentioned downloading the user guide, but I'm not sure I'm clear on what you downloaded? They are all broken down here individually in the Storyline 2 User Guide - and the "Getting Started" section does not follow the same format, as those are some quick tips to help you begin vs. the detailed tutorials.  Storyline 1 (which is a different version of the software)  had a PDF accessible user guide, but you will not want to use that if you're trialing Storyline 2 as they have different features and a user interface. 

Since your trial days are running out as you mentioned, we'll be happy to extend that, and to do so you'll want to connect with our Customer Care team. You can reach them using any of the contact information on this page. 

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