Trial version of Storyline2 seems to have updated all my old Storyline content

I own Storyline, but downloaded a 30-day trial version of Storyline2 in order to view a course that a contractor had created for me in Storyline2.  However, now all the Storyline courses that I had created in Storyline are only appearing as a Storyline2 versions, and I can't seem to access them or open them from Storyline.  I didn't want to upgrade all these courses right now, because most of our collaborators are still on Storyline.  How do I access these courses from Storyline?

Thanks!  Julie

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Emily Ruby

Hello Julie!

When you install the new Storyline, the icons will change by default. Once the trial is over, you can reset the default program to open with Storyline 1 by right clicking on the files.

Please note that any courses open or modified with Storyline 2, or created in Storyline 2 cannot be accessed by Storyline 1.