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Nancy Woinoski

The trial version and the regular version are identical. There is no clip art in Storyline except for the built in characters.

The clip art in the Presenter Suite is not actually a part of Presenter,  it comes with PowerPoint. So I guess if you really want to use it, you still can by saving it as an image in PP and then importing the picture into Storyline.

Storyline has a number of templates and you can also use the download option to download more as they are being built and uploaded  in the download section in the Articulate community.

Krista Riesselman

So guessing the course was built in 09 which gave the option to choose the layout of the resources however that option is not available in 13.

The person that created the course is no longer with the company and I had to make do with a trial version to make a simple edit and noticed the resources was displayed differently so I thought I would look into it.