Trick to unistall

Nov 29, 2017

Hi all

I was recently having more and more crash with SL3. Eventually it started lagging so much i could not work anymore (PC works fine on other programs)

I am under win7 (in french btw)

I followed the classical way, user pane, manage prgorams, and clicked on the uninstal button. nothin happened. I rebooted my PC. SL3 was still installed but no more appearing in my program list

I decided to directly manually delet all SL files for the directory C:\users etc

I rebooted the PC and tried to launch the instal program. A window pops up and tells me SL is already installed on my computer

The hotline is closed and i'm driving nuts

i tried the silent unistalation but it does not work ( Maybe i typed someting wrong...

Big big thanks in advance for the help



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