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Tracy Parish

Hi Celine:

Here is a quick little demo I made up.  I created 2 different versions.  One is a little more complex because it has a few objects that make up the "pop-up".  The other has one simple text box that appears.

For my solution I created a variable that tracks T/F if the media has completed.  If the user clicks the next button and the variable is set to False (initial state), then the pop-up message shows (the media also pauses).  The click the pop-up, it hides, and the music resumes.  If the media completes, the variable changes to True.  If the variable is equal to True when the click the next button the course moves on to the next slide.

Here is a link to a source file: http://bit.ly/popup-story

Here is a link to a posting I made about it with a video to explain how I created it.

Thanks for the inspiration and deviation from the workday.

Céline Brousseau

Thank you for these most helpful source file and video.  I have one more question. My file contains over 80 slides ... what is the best way to add these triggers to all of them?  Are there any steps that can be copied or do all the triggers need to be added individually to each slide ?