Trigger after Drag and Drop Activity

Is there any way to have a "next button" appear after a drag and drop activity is complete?  The activity does not need to be scored, I dont want the user clicking ahead until they have completed it.  The other option is to have the screen automatically progress when they are done.

My first thought was to have a button set to "hidden" and use a trigger to make it "normal" when the .  But what event can trigger this? 

I have 8 objects that are dragged into 4 different containers.

Thanks in advance.

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Joe Countryman

Yes basically it is an activity to match a "term" with a "category".  Regardless, I'm looking to advance the slide automatically after the last item is correctly placed.  I am trying to avoid using a submit button if possible. 

I would also like all the "terms" avaialable for the leanrer to drag from, so they can interact with the activity in any order they choose. 

Joe Countryman

OK I figured it out.  I have my activity set that after correctly dragging the terms to the correct category, the term dissapears (hidden state).  So what I did was set the initial state of my "next" button to hidden, then use a trigger to change the state to normal; when term1 and term2 and term3... are equal to hidden.

Sometimes just posting the question gets the juices going.