Trigger an action when a lightbox slide closes?

Hi all,

I'm trying to change the state of an object on a slide when a lightbox on the same slide is closed by the learner.

There is a trigger that seems to offer this ('when timeline ends'), but when I select this the lightbox slide isn't in the objects list - only the current slide.

Any cunning ways around this - or a better way of doing it?

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Michael Pearce

You mean have the base layer of the slide having a very short timeline?  I like the idea, it wouldn't work in this case as I have four elements on the slide that I want to the same thing with.

The learner clicks a button, a lightbox slide plays to recap a learning principle, then a picture on the base layer is set to visible.  The learner will repeat this for the four key learning points.

Thanks for your idea though, I will make use of that elsewhere.