Trigger before State Change?

I have a button triggered to jump to another slide when clicked. I also use this button’s built-in visited state to display a checkmark once the learner returns. However, sometimes the visited state appears right before the slide jumps, as though there’s a delay in the jump. There are no slide transitions associated with either slide. Any ideas on how to fix?

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Nicole Legault

Hi Jessica!

Here's one way you can get rid of that delay, and make sure the state only displays once the slide it jumps to is visited:

  • Instead of using the default "Visited" state, create a custom state called "Completed"

  • Create a a variable called SlideVisited with a default value of False

  • On the slide that your button jumps to, create a trigger that "Adjusts SlideVisited variable to True when This Slide is visited

  • On the slide with the button, add a trigger to "Change state of button to "Completed" IF Slidevisited is equal to true."

Now, the button will only change to the completed state once they have visited the slide in question, and then return to the slide with the button! =) I've also attached a .story file with a simple example so you can use that as an example of how to set up the variables and triggers! Hope this helps!

Vanessa M

Hi Nicole,

I have followed your example. It works well, but here's my problem. I have four buttons on the first slide (your example has one button). So when I use your example, all four show as complete when the Timeline starts for that first slide. I don't want them all to show as complete unless all of them have been visited. Any ideas?


Christie Pollick

Hi, Rosie -- Thanks for reaching out, and as there has been sometime time since the last response to this thread and therefore some participants may no longer be subscribed, you may want to consider sharing your file so others can chime in and assist your further. 

(And I will go ahead and pass your message along to Nicole and hopefully she will be able to some in with some additional insights, as well)! :)