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Sep 17, 2014


Can someone please show me a good example of using the trigger condition-Window? There a couple of options that apper on the "If:" dropdown One is "this slide is lightboxed" and the other is "this slide is inside the player frame". Is this condition, Window, supposed to be used in conjunction with lightbox? Thanks for your help in advance!

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Michael Hinze

For what it's worth, I had done a sample (see here: ) to show a possible use. A slide (slide 2 in my example) can be viewed in two different ways. Depending on how it is viewed, either in the player frame or in a lightbox, different elements are visible. This was done using the two Window options in conditional triggers. Hope that helps.

Lu Post

Michael, thank you so much for sharing this. My goal with this is to display a reference slide in a current slide that does not appear as a lightbox. The lightbox slide is smaller and sometimes difficult to view adequately.  I was hoping to link to the reference slide inside the current slide's frame instead of jumping to another slide and then back to the original. I have timeline triggers on the current slide that I don't want to have re-triggered when the user views the reference slide.

I'll try this to see if it works.

Many thanks!

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