Trigger Conditions say OR but function as AND

Hi everyone,

I have a number of lessons that all have custom invalid pop-ups on all true/false, multiple choice and multiple response questions. I followed the instructions from there screenr (which I found from these forums, and I assume a good number of people have used this same technique). However, I've recently been testing these lessons and found that the custom invalid screen always appears. I went into the storyline file to see what was happening, and found that in the triggers list, the conditions are correct. They say:

Submit interaction
      when user clicks (my custom submit button)
      If Radio Button 1 is equal to Selected 
Or  Radio Button 2 is equal to Selected

The idea would be that they must have selected one of the options in order to submit at all, and if they haven't another trigger shows an invalid screen and a return button. The problem is when I actually go to edit the trigger, all the OR conditions are set to AND, even though they say OR in the trigger list. 

My first problem is trying to find out why this has happened, or rather, is still happening since all my lessons now have this issue. My second issue is that I can't be certain if I even fix these that they'll stay that way, so it's hard to trust Storyline's trigger conditions at all. 

Anyone have a similar problem and hopefully a solution? I've attached a screenshot of one of the affected slides.



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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Matt,

As you'll see I shared in the thread Wendy linked too it's been reported to our QA team, and they're continuing to investigate it. I see that other users had shared if you change it to OR and click Ok, it saves and stays that way in the Trigger Wizard window until you save the project, close, and open it again. At that point it's backing to AND. So you'll want to check those before publishing and saving the project. 

I'll add this thread to the existing report filed with our team and provide any updates for you here.