Trigger Conditions to disable Next based on other slides being "completed"

Can someone point me in the right direction, I have had to set up conditions like this before.  Attached is a screen shot and here are my learner requirements that I need to set up: 1. All three sections must be 'completed', sections could have multiple slides, before the Next button will become enabled.   2. The Select button for Quiz will only become available when the Video and Policy Select buttons have been marked as 'completed' (visited). 

I need help on the correct triggers and conditions to set up, everything I have tried is not working.  I think my main confusion is, how can I mark the Select buttons as 'completed' on this slide based on actions on other slides.  

Thank you so much for any help! 

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Kelly Schrodi


My change state of Quiz button to Normal is not working correctly (it is set to change to Normal when timeline begins)  I think it may be because I have the slide properties set to Resume Saved State to avoid the audio replaying each time the slide it visited.  Does that property setting override the trigger?