Trigger Does Not Jump to Next Slide

I have a Story that contains 9 slides.  All slides are configured with triggers that have them jump to the next slide at the end of the timeline.  However, when previewing, the Story will not jump from slide 3 to slide 4.  The only difference in this slide is that I have modified the Fine Action Tuning.  However, when I Reset Original Timing, the trigger still will not advance.

Also, the indicating trigger arrows are different for the the slide that will not advance.  A picture is attached.

Thanks in advance for your assistance!

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Julia Koller

Hmmm. I'm sorry I couldn't help, but glad it worked out.

I've experienced that same issue, when I make edits (mostly on the timeline or Master Slides), and they don't seem to take place until I close or reopen the slide, or restart the application. In other words, the settings in the timeline or panel will read correctly, but the edit won't be visible. I haven't been able to figure out what causes this. 

Helene Caura


I have a similar problem. I have 6 slides, all set the same, but on 2 slides the trigger to jump to the next slide at the end of the timeline doesn't work. I have reopened the application, created new slides, but to no avail.

I have identified that the problem comes from the insertion of my video, not the trigger, because if I set the trigger to jump to the next slide at the start, it works. The video is set as the other videos: starts automatically, and has the same format, etc. 

Any idea? 

Attached is a simplified version with trimmed videos. Slide 1 goes to slide 2 without any problem but slide 2 doesn't.

Rosemary Corey

I am experiencing the same issue. I imported slides from PPT. (Storyline 360)

The next button is supposed to change to normal at the end of the timeline. I also have a trigger to go to the next slide at the end of the timeline. 

The next button does not appear and the slide does not progress to the next slide. 

Even is I use the next button in the player I cannot progress. Please advise.