Trigger doesn't work as it should IF AND statement

Has anybody else had trouble with triggers that use the "IF" statement?

I have the following:
quiz = true; 
layer = 2;

If quiz = true AND layer = 2, show feedback 2;
If quiz = true AND layer = 3, show feedback 3;

both feedbacks appear.    (now for the interesting part)

if I reverse the order to the following, it works as it should:

If layer = 2 AND quiz = true, show feedback 2;
If layer = 3 AND quiz = true, show feedback 3;

from my understanding of how storyline triggers work, they are very linear, it will start at 1, then 2, then 3. If 1 or 2 is true and directs to go to another slide, 3 will be ignored. However, using "AND" should not work that way. If, AND only if, both values are true should the statement work. if not it should be ignored. 

it seems I need to check the value that is going to change first, and then have the constant value after.  order should not matter when using "AND" or "OR" 

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