Trigger Drag & Drop - Don't center

I am trying to create a drag&drop interaction by using triggers (if object is placed on ...).

I am not using the freeform drag&drop, because my draggable object is a dial - and that is not possible with freeform as it seems.

Sofar so good, the problem here is: when I place the dial on an object, it is always centered on that object. But that is not what I want, I want it to be placed whereever I drop it. How can I do that?

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Stefan Koler

I did some more testing, here is what I could came up with:

- Two dials (one is an image turned into a dial)
- The two variables are connected (turning the controller dial moves the object dial)
- The object dial is draggable

Now, if I drag the object dial onto the target and place it there, it jumps back to the starting point. BUT: When I then turn the controller dial (which also makes the object turn), the object is suddenly where a placed it before (on the target).

That is kind of a strange behaviour. Please see for yourself, I attached a sample storyline file.