Trigger for moving cursor away from hotspot

Jan 17, 2014

I have a hotspot that shows a new layer upon clicking. I would like that layer to disappear when the cursor leaves the hotspot, instead of having to click to make it disappear.

Does anyone have a strategy for doing so?

Thank you!

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Michael Hinze

Here is one option that, depending on the shape of your hotspot, may work. I place a Frame shape (this type of shape has a cutout in the middle) on the layer. In the screenshot, I colored it in red and positioned it so that the hotspot on the baselayer 'peeks' throught the shape's cutout. A trigger attached to this shape hides the layer when the mouse hovers over the shape, which means the mouse has to be over the shape's frame. Hope that makes sense.

Michael Hinze

Sorry, forgot to mention a second possible option: On the baselayer, add a second hotspot that is slightly larger than the first one and arrange it, so that is sits below/behind the first hotspot. Then attach a hover over trigger to this second hotspot to hide the layer. With this setup, the user clicks the (first) hotspot that shows the layer. When the mouse is mover off the first hotspot, then the trigger for the second one fires and hides the layer.

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