Trigger for Next button

I think this has been covered, but I am looking for a way to control the NEXT button when a slide layer is open.  If the layer is open, I want the user to close the layer to return to the slide for other possible selections before clicking the NEXT button.  Currently when the layer is open, they can click NEXT and move forward, leaving other choices on the slide undiscovered.   The preferred option would be that the NEXT button would not be active until the open layer is closed.  


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Sean Speake

By assigning True/False variables to each of the selections, you can put conditions on the next button to only advance if all of the variables are true.

For example: You have 3 layers you want them to view, and 3 buttons on the base slide to access them.

Create 3 variables - Layer1, Layer2, Layer3 and set them to false by default.

Create a trigger on each layer that when the timeline starts, change that layer's variable to true.

Put conditions on the next button to only advance if all 3 variables are true.

You may want to have a pop up or instruction on screen indicating they need to view all buttons before advancing, and change the button states or use check marks so they can tell which ones they've already looked at.