Trigger for radio buttons with mixed response

Here's my issue:

There are 5 questions on 1 slide with yes/no radio buttons:

  • answering all with 'yes' triggers submit button to appear and moves the user to the relevant layer (no) - this works great
  • answering all with 'no' triggers submit button to appear and moves the user to the relevant layer (yes) - this works great

I can't figure out what the trigger should be if 1 or more questions are answered with 'no' to move the learner to the 'no' layer (this layer directs them back to the questions so that they can reconsider their answer).

Your help is appreciated.

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Sandy 

try trigger

show layer xx when user clicks submit button if radio button 1 is = No OR radio button 2 = No OR radio button 3 = No OR radio button 4 = No OR radio button 5 = No

that should work - if not, upload the slide. It will be easier for people to help if they can see your setup.

Sandy Mason

Hi Wendy

That's the formula I've used when answering all 'no' - I then have the same formula when answering 'yes'.

Attached is an image of the incomplete slide, where the all yes and all no's work.  And, attached is the trigger I've used for these to work.  These work fine.

I can't figure out what the trigger should be if: say if the learner selects 1 no (or more) and 4 yes's - this should move them to the no layer when submit is selected.

Wendy Farmer

Hi Sandy

der of course - that won't work - sorry my bad doing too many things at once. *updated - the above post suggestion for ANd/OR was correct.

Try using a number variable when they select a No radio button add 1 to the variable - same for the yes.

Then show layer Correct when variable 'no' = 5 or variable yes = 5

Show layer xx when variable no <5

Show layer xx when variable yes <5

 If you need me to do a sample file let me know

Kevin Thorn

Hi Sandy,

Wendy's variable suggestion should work if you are comfortable working with variables.

Another possible approach is multiple triggers to evaluate every combination. Meaning: If No1 is selected AND Yes2 is selected AND Yes3 is selected AND Yes4 is selected. That's a lot of triggers though.

Thinking of variables, three T/F variables might work as well. One for all Yes, one for all No, and one for anything other than all Yes or all No.

Sandy Mason

Hi Wendy & Kevin

I've followed the directions for true/false variables but I'm not getting it, and I haven't worked with variables before.

Are you saying that I should select the 'no' radio button, then in the triggers select variables, add variable where name = no, type = true/false, value = true.

Then select 'yes' radio button and do the same but with variable name = yes, type = true/false, value = false.

Then do this for each radio button?

Or do I deselect the radio button/s and simply add the trigger variable where no = true/false - true and yes = true/false and no?  And that I only need 2 entries in the variables?  The 'use count' is showing 3 and I don't know what that means.

Getting this sorted will finish my project:)

David Jordan

If i am understanding what you want i would do the following:

Trigger 3 would probably need to be ordered before trigger 2, to prevent someone from selecting a NO but not finishing the questionnaire and trying to submit. However i put it as 3rd here because you didnt ask for it but just in case you needed something for that scenario. 

Trigger 1:

When submit is clicked,

go to layer (yes)

if Y1 AND Y2 AND Y3 AND Y4 AND Y5 is selected


Trigger 2:

When submit is clicked.

go to layer (no)

if N1 OR N2 OR N3 OR N4 OR N5 is selected


Trigger 3:

When submit is clicked

go to layer (inc)   <-- This would be a layer with a box that says "please fill out"

if N1 or N2 OR N3 OR N4 OR N5 OR Y1 OR Y2 OR Y3 OR Y4 OR Y5 is not selected

Wendy Farmer

You're right David that was my original answer, but Sandy was saying it wasn't working with the AND and OR so because I couldn't see the file setup I gave her an alternative for the count variable.

As it turns out the AND / OR does work now that I've seen her file but I went the extra step to show her the count variable as well.