Trigger for slide to mark as complete?

I am using number of slide views as my method of marking my Storyline courses as complete. I want to make sure I fully understand how this works. 

1. If someone sees a slide (even for one instant) it is considered viewed.

2. If a student views 3 slides in one session, closes the LMS and then in another session views those same 3 slides + 3 additional slides... does the LMS consider that a total of 6 slides viewed (unique views) or 9 slides viewed (cumulative). 

Can anyone definitively confirm or deny these statements? Thanks!

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Tony Hersey

Hi Mindy,

1. You are correct UNLESS the navigation is set to restricted or locked.  In those circumstances, the slide is only considered viewed when the timeline for that slide has run its course.

2. I don't want to speak in absolutes because I haven't used every LMS, but in ours (built by Rustici), we count unique views.  I'm fairly certain this is standard, otherwise a user could pass a 20 slide course by watching the first slide 20 times. I don't think that would be good for anyone.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Mindy,

I'd agree with Tony's thoughts here - although I believe the slide is considered "viewed" once the user has seen it, regardless of restricted or locked navigation. The element that may make that seem like it's not been viewed, is in Storyline 2 the next button is also impacted by the restricted/locked navigation - and therefore the user cannot proceed until the slide timeline has finished. Also, although the slide has been viewed - if the user leaves while on that slide, the states, variables, point in the timeline are not saved, and so when the user restarts the course they'll start at the beginning of that slide.

Hope that helps!