Trigger for Zoom Picture function

Hello! ☺

Do you know of other ways on how to show a layer while using the Zoom Picture function? 

I've tried variables; I took into account the number of clicks a user can make. The problem is, the variable won't be triggered if the user clicks outside the image area. I'm not sure what trigger I can use to show the layer aside from this. I've also tried the True/False variable but it didn't work for me. :(

Thank you very much in advance! 


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Wanda Blackett

Hi Anne, 

Is this something like what you were going for - to have the layer "details" show up after the user has looked at both maps?  I used 2 true/false variables (one per map) to see if it's clicked or not. One of the problems with the counter is that it went up regardless of which map was clicked - if someone clicked the first one to zoom in twice, then you still got the counter up to 4 which triggered the layer.  


Maria Erin Anne Domingo

Wow! This is great, Wanda! ☺☺

I see now where I got confused about the True/False variables. I didn't realize that there should be two triggers - one for each variable assigned to the two maps. I got so frustrated with the T/F variables that's why I used numbers.

Thank you so much! ☺