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Apr 16, 2015

I am creating a slide that shows a side by side comparison of what the summary a user typed in a previous slide next to the approved text.  The idea is to have the user type a summary in the first slide, then move to the next slide and see what they typed next to our standard sumamry.  Both summary's will be in a scrolling panel which will allow the user to do a side by side comparison.  Can someone help me with a trigger that will bring their summary to the next slide for viewing?

No testing or results are needed, just a simple viewing.  Thanks!

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Trina Rimmer

Hi Ronda,

I recently wrote an article about how to do something very similar to what you're trying to do—How I Created This Compare & Contrast Exercise in Storyline.  The video I created for that article should walk you through how to create, and then use a trigger to recall, the Text Entry variable.

I confess, I've never tried putting this type of exercise into the scrolling panel so you may have to do the experimenting for both us and tell us how it goes!

Hope this helps you out. Let us know if there's anything else we can do to help.

Trina Rimmer

That's a bummer about the blocked video. Here's a brief run down of the steps for you, below.

  1. Under the Insert menu, select Controls (part of Interactive Objects) and then select the Data Entry, Text Entry Field.

    Insert Text Entry Field
  2. Draw the text field on the screen in whatever size you need. You'll notice that Storyline has automatically added a Text Entry Variable Trigger to the Triggers Panel. You'll need to note that variable name (in my case it's "TextEntry5" so you can recall it on the screen where your learners will compare their summary response to your suggested summary.

    TextEntry Trigger Created
  3. On the screen where you want to compare their response to yours, simply insert a text box and type in the name of the Text Entry variable you just created between two percentage symbols (e.g., %TextEntry5%). 

    Recall Text Entry

    That's it!

For more step-by-step tips on working with Data Entry fields, check out this article.  And for help working with scrolling panels, this how-to article may come in handy, as well.

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