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Hi. I'm trying to build a simple simulation to send an email.

I built out a hotspot so someone can click on 'new email' and it takes them to a next slide. On the next slide, I'd like someone to be able to type an email address in and then press 'enter' and move back to the base layer of that second slide.

I thought I built the trigger right, but nothing happens when I click 'Enter'.

Could someone take a quick peek and let me know what I'm missing?

Many thanks for your time! I welcome tips!

Also, if there are going to be multiple entry fields and layers, do you recommend me putting entry fields just on the base layer or on individual layers or does it not matter?


Thanks :)

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Carla Segurola

Thanks for your help, Randy. I disabled the 'jump to the next slide' and tried it but the 'hide layer when user presses enter after clicking on text entry' still doesn't work. Should I add a different trigger to hide it and if so, what? Not sure why this is confusing for me. Thanks!

Carla Segurola

Hi, Randy. Thanks. I see that the text box disappears, but the To entry field is still there. My hope is that the layer with the instructional text bubble disappears and that the To text entry field also disappears and that the user returns to the base layer slide. I'm thinking then that it may be better to put the text entry field on the 'To' layer as well? Is that an easier way to achieve that?

I was going to have the To field be something that you could enter in an email address and click enter and be done with it, then have the same type of thing happen with the subject line, then with the body of the text so there would ultimately be multiple text entry fields relating to the base layer slide. Not sure if it would be easier to just build these all on the base layer or have them on the pertaining slide layers and what the pros/cons of that would be. Just trying to figure out how to get one of these to work correctly so I can repeat with the others.

Thanks for helping me try to figure this out! It seems simple, but not sure I'm using the right logic to build it out.

Randy Hill

Ok, now I understand what you are trying to do. Thank you for the further description. So you can do it a few different ways, but the easiest as you have stated is to have the To text entry field on the to layer. Then when the user hits enter, it shows layer Subject which has it's own entry field, and so on. As long as you have the layer properties set to hide other slide layers then you are good. 

Something cool also you could so is then on the base layer, have text boxes with the text entry variables in them, then as the user enters them, they will become visible on the base layer. 

Let me know if this makes sense. I am happy to work up a sample for you.

Randy Hill

So I redid the test file, here you go. This will work like you wanted. 

One thing to note, your callout boxes, you do not need to put a separate text box in side of them, simply right click on any shape and hit edit text and you can enter text right in the shape you want. Just a tip. Makes for a cleaner layout and less boxes.