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Rachel Ingram

Hi Taryn, it looks like you'll need a condition for the "Jump to next slide" trigger too. Right now, it probably reads the first trigger, displays the layer in a split second, and then reads the next trigger to move on to the next slide. There isn't anything keeping it from reading the second trigger and moving on.

So it looks like the trigger would be something like:

  • Jump to next slide
  • When the user clicks the next button
  • If Button 1 - "Fraude..."'s state is equal to...

Let me know if that makes sense!


John Ruiz

When you preview just one slide, it doesn't queue up any other slides, so there's no next slide to go to, and it will leave your layer up.

When you preview the scene, it has that other slide to go to.  The layer did probably go up, but as Rachel said, it went up then immediately jumped to the next slide so you couldn't see it.