Trigger hover over webobjects

Hi everyone,


I want to build a very specific navigation for my content, maybe you can help me.

Since I dislike Storyline's integrated video controls, I'm adding all my videos as a Webobject.
Since my video is a little bit longer, I'd like to add navigation points for learners to jump to a certain part in the video.
Since I'm using a Webobject and can't jump in the timeline, my idea was to add several buttons pointing to different slides with a shortend version of the video.
I'd like my buttons to work just like the video controls: they appear if you hover over the video, but disappear if you don't do anything for 3 seconds.
So I wanted to add a trigger showing a button if the user hovers over the Webobject - but my button simply does not appear, no matter what I do.
I even tried just changing the color of a button just to see if the trigger works (change state of button from red to blue if hover over webobject) - but again, my button isn't visible in the first place.
Are Webobjects always displayed at top? 

It works if I do it with a Hotspot (show button if user hovers over hotspot). But if the learners hovers over the hotspot, the normal video controls disappear, since they depend on hovering as well.

I also tried doing it with a layer, but it seems it's not possible to show a layer if the user hovers over the WebObject.


Any ideas?

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