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OK, so we're having an issue with triggers. I've attached the file this post references. Any assistance anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated.

The Situation
When the third slide, Spot the red Flags loads, the NEXT button is hidden. Learners have to click one of the flag buttons on the page to open another window.

On the window that opens, they have to select the potential issue(s) (Red Flags) with the email. Once they identify the Red Flag(s), they essentially complete the action(s) for that slide and a "Continue" button appears.

Learners click the "Continue" button then return to the Spot the Red Flags slide.

From there, they select the next Red Flag. They repeat these steps for all seven Red Flags.

After they view all 7 red flags, the NEXT button is supposed to become visible again so learners can continue to the conclusions slide.

The Problem
After the the the 7th Red Flag page is complete and learners return to Spot the Red Flags, the NEXT button seems to reappear for a second or two before becoming hidden again. It's supposed to remain visible.

Consequently, learners cannot access the conclusion slide.

Can you help us to fix this issue so that the NEXT button remains on the slide after all 7 Red Flag screens have be competed.

Any assistance you could provide is greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

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Walt Hamilton

I don't have 360, so can't open your file, but here's my guess.

There is a trigger on the first page that makes the NEXT button invisible. It probably should change the state to invisible ONLY if the 7 pages have not been completed.

The best way is to use a variable for each of the seven pages (T/F works really well). When the user finishes a page and clicks the Continue button, it adjusts its variable to True before jumping to the first slide.

When the timeline on the first page starts, it changes the state of the next button to hidden on condition that variable 1 = false, or variable2 = false, etc.

Initial state of next button should be normal, and first slide should reset to initial condition on revisit (so timeline starts again).

Wendy Farmer


should the variables being used on this slide be the RF or Variablex ones? Also you need to be careful of trigger order, the Set variable trigger needs to be before the Jump To or SL won't execute it. 

I've updated them in this screenshot.

In the attached file I have updated your file Slide 1.2 with the triggers that would also work on this slide.

I added a T/F Variable7 for the Content item and removed all the triggers on your base layer to do with changing the Next button to normal.

I added a trigger to the first layer with All 7 variables in the condition and then copy/pasted this to all layers (except Script)...this way, if the user clicks flags out of order they still need to complete all 7 before the Next button changes to Normal.

Also be careful with trigger order, one of the 'Set variable' triggers was below the show layer which means SL won't execute it.