Trigger issue it just keeps going . . .

Feb 18, 2015

Morning all. 

I have an issue where I have set an object trigger to have the learner click the object to jump to the next slide.  I also have the slide triggers for Previous and Next.  There are no other triggers listed in the Trigger window.

When I preview the scene.  the slide is automatically jumping to the next slide.  It is not waiting for me to click the object to advance.  Is there another tile line trigger that I am not seeing or a setting that has it advance automatically?

Thank you for any assistance.


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Steve Flowers

Hi Mark - 

What version of Storyline are you using? Storyline 1 and older releases of SL2 contained a bug that would continue to execute a trigger in a mouse click event across the boundary of one slide to another. 

A few ways I've dealt with this that I'm happy to share if you're using SL1. If SL2, can you update to the latest version and re-check with a preview or publish?

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