Trigger Issues

Jan 28, 2015


I have a slide that has several layers and after the learner has visited all the layers within the slide, The base layer has three images that when clicked takes the learner to the relevant layer. Each image on the base layer has a 'visited' state. Each layer has a 'back' button returning the learner to the base layer in order to access the subsequent layer.

The base layer has a 'forward' button that is at first hidden until all layers have been visited. All objects on the base layer are hidden when on the other layers.

However, when visiting the 3rd layer (in no particular order), the 'forward' trigger appears on that layer. I want the learner to return to the base layer before progressing to the next slide.

I have tried everything i can think off to stop the forward trigger showing up on the layer but to no avail. I have attached the slide here if it will help! 

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