Trigger Issues...not working on base slide

Oct 17, 2013


I've been racking my brain on this and unless it's hiding somewhere, I can't find a thread with the same issue.

I have a base slide with 4 slide layers.   The base layer contains a menu with text boxes as the trigger to go to their respective layers.  Initially, I use the trigger on the base layer "change state to visited when user clicks object" and then of course next in order, "show  respective layer when user clicks object".  Works problem.  When user returns to menu, object shows visited state.

I wanted to change it, based on client feedback.  So, I removed the "change state to visited when user clicks object" and went to the respective layer that the object is triggered to; let's call it layer 1.   Added the trigger on layer 1 "change state of  object  (the text box used in the menu) on base slide to visited when timeline ends on layer 1".  When I test it, the original trigger on the base layer "change state when user clicks" is still working, even though it is removed.  Am I missing something?

I tried to make it very complicated by adding variables and stuff, but really, there's no need, right?

Pleeeeeze help a girl out!

Thanks so much Heroes!


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Nancy Woinoski

Hi Lisa, one thing that might be tripping you up is that the visited state is a special state in that you don't need to create a trigger to change the object to the visited state. Storyline changes it automatically as soon as the object is clicked.   So I assume that you want to delay this trigger until the user actually finishes reviewing the layer.

In this case, I would delete the visited state completely from your objects and create a custom state called "done" or something like that.

Then have the trigger on layer 1 change state of object to "done" when the timeline ends.

I think this will do the trick for you.

Lisa Anderson

Hi Nancy,

Thanks so much for pointing that out.  You can only imagine I slapped my forward when I read your response...which I totally appreciate, by the way!!!!!!

You are right!  I got "tripped" up by the visited state and after deleting it, it worked fine.

I think many of us have become accustomed to so many work arounds in previous articulate products, that the obvious just seemed to simple!

Thanks again...happy Friday!



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