Trigger issues on iPad only.

I'm using a variable that is set to false and then set to true on the next slide, which is lightboxed. There is a hidden icon within a pin that changes to normal when the variable is set to true. This functionality currently works on the desktop, but not on the iPad. I've tried playing with layers and instructing storyline to show layer when variable is true, or having a check on the base layer alongside a layer with just the check mark, instructing the layer to be shown when the state of the check is normal. None of this works.

I've attached a .story with a sample of what I'm talking about.

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Doug,

I just replied in your case regarding a part of this issue - but wanted to follow up here in regards to the animation element. Since your timeline is fairly short, and they're set to change their state based on that variable being true when the timeline ends, if you wait the entire length of the timeline and then try to click on one - nothing will change. Likely the first one you've clicked on is well within the time frame of those first few seconds. I also noticed you have the "checkmarks" set to "show always" and I would remove that as well - as if their set to "show always" then there is no entrance which to add animation to. 

Doug Colzani

Hello, still having an issue with this one. I need the checks to appear after the user clicks the pins and lightboxes their slides. This always works on PC, but on iPad I have yet to find a solution. Changing the object in the timeline to not be set to "show always" did not work, and I can't extend the timeline because I'm not sure how quickly each user will progress through the course. The timeline is so short since it works on PC just fine. I've tried changing the check to change when a variable changes. The variable changes but the pin does not.