trigger : Jump to next slide automatically using entry text


First, I apologize for my poor english (I'm a french speaker)

I'm working on a software simulation including typing areas for the learner. So I used some try mode recordings, and I definitely need the learner to be able to :

- Type in the entry text

- Then jump automatically to the next slide as soon as he finishes typing.

Is there any triggers or other way to do that ? For instance, if the text to type is "100", should I use a variable so the learner is sent on next slide when he typed exactly that ?

Thanks in advance

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Benedicte. Welcome to E-Learning Heroes!

Would you be able to use an extra key for this? For example, could you have the user press "Enter" on the keyboard to move on? You could set it to submit the results, or move to the next slide when the user presses enter after they've entered the text you need. 

Génia K

Hi Christine

Thanks for your answer.

I know about the extra key, but I really need not to use submit buttons or "Enter" as when the learner will be in "IRL use" of the software, he won't use anything like that...

The ealearning and the software are for people not very used to computer etc. so I really need the elearning to remain the same as the software in terms of use.

Christine Hendrickson

Good morning Benedicte,

I totally understand. I just wanted to mention, though, that most users will understand if the replica of the system is not a 100% the same. A small prompt to press enter, etc., would probably be all they need if they aren't used to using software applications or typing into data fields. 

With the application you're trying to show, does the text actually move a user from one field to another, or continue the process without leaving the text field in some way? I personally can't suggest anything for this, but maybe someone else that's worked with this type of simulation can give you some suggestions.

Good luck with the project!