Trigger keeps defaulting to advance when timeline ends

I'm a newbie and struggling with a 63 slide presentation in Storyline. When I click on individual slides, I can edit the selected trigger and change it from action: JUMP TO SLIDE; slide: NEXT SLIDE, when: TIMELINE ENDS to when: USER CLICKS (what I want).  Then I save and go back to the slide, and it has defaulted back to when: TIMELINE ENDS.  Does anyone know what I am doing wrong?  Thank you! -paiger

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Paige and welcome to Heroes!

Since the trigger does not seem to be holding, which is odd behavior for Storyline, I'd want to first check that you've set what the user needs to click on as a part of the trigger. If not, Storyline may be considering the trigger incomplete and not saying it (reverting back to what it was). 

Next, I'd also want to confirm that you're working with local project files and following the guidelines detailed here for file naming and file path conventions.