Trigger linking to added resources not working.


I have a button that is supposed to link to a PDF in the resources section.  I have added this file to the resource section and I have done my trigger as advised by Articulate

However, I am just getting 404 - File or directory not found when I click the button.

I have just updated to SL2 update 11, which I think the documentation said that this was one of the bug fixes included in the update.

I have noticed though, that in the Output folder, there is not a folder created that is called External_files (which there used to be when publishing - I have had to manually add files into there before).  

I have added this folder to the output manually and put in the file (which then makes it work)   ...but, I just wondered if this is something to do with the update, or if it is something I am doing wrong?

Does anyone know how I can get this to do this automatically? (just have the file in the right place when publishing it).

Cheers, Laura

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Brian Dennis

If you've correctly set your resources in the Player things should work automatically (and be published to external_files). Over 99% of the time when resources break the source files were re-located on the system, then the .story file republished.

FYI I believe "External_files" is all lowercase (thus external_files), and that matters on some platforms... though I don't SL fired up this second

Laura Brunning

Me again -  it hasn't worked and my filepath is now silly short!

I have shortened everything, to a single letter and it's still not automatically putting an external_files folder in.  

I have saved/published directly from my local drive, so that's C:\

I have renamed the PDF to T.pdf, the story file itself is T.story and when publishing I have shortened the title to just T

So it outputs to  C:\T - Storyline output which then zips to

There's no external_files folder in the story content folder.

I definitely have kept the T.pdf in the same place as it was when I attached it to the resources section of the player (and I have renamed it in my trigger too).

Can anyone help? I can, as I said before, manually create this folder each time, but I'd rather not if I don't have to!

Cheers, Laura