Trigger Multiple Web Objects on a Single Slide

CASE STUDY: We have a digital radio player screen built in Storyline 360. You select "PICK A STATION" [button] and it opens a layer where you can change the station number (101.3, 101.5, 101.7, etc). You then select "GO TO STATION" [button] and it brings you back to the base layer, displaying the appropriate animated gif [web object] of the station. You can keep going back and forth, picking stations and viewing the corresponding gif.

ISSUE: I can't figure out how to hide the web objects (all on the base layer) and have the right one display since I can't add triggers or states to WO. Because there could be 100s of gifs, I've hosted them on a web server and will call it when the correct station is chosen. 

Please help!!

*This is an arbitrary example, but principles are the same as what I am trying to accomplish.

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