Trigger navigation help

Can anyone help me with trigger naviation?

I want the next button to appear only when Levels, Manager, Professional and Admin are all visited. (levels is an invisible button). I have the trigger: Change state of Next to Normal when state of Levels, Manager, Professional and Admin are all visited. 

What am I missing?

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Ned Whiteley

Hi Lush Cosmetics,

Using Visited states to drive triggers can sometimes cause problems. What I personally prefer to do, which is what I have done in version 2 (attached), is to use variables for each of the branches that I require to be completed before something else occurs.

In this case I have created four new True/False variables, AdminComplete, ManagerComplete, ProfessionalComplete and LayersComplete, which are initially set to False. For the first three, the variable is changed to True when the Continue button is selected in the Correct Feedback layer on their respective Quiz question. For the Layers, it is changed when the user selects the arrow to close the layer and return to the main slide. It is important to note, in each case, that the trigger to change the variable must come above the trigger that jumps back to the main slide or hides the layer, otherwise the variables will not be adjusted.

I have included two new triggers to change the state of the Next button. They both work in exactly the same way, checking that all the variables are True, except that the first one is triggered by the LayersComplete variable changing, whereas the second one is triggered by the timeline starting for the main slide. The reason I have done this is to cover the possibility that the user selects Layers out of sequence prior to first completing all the Career Paths.

Just a suggestion, as you have done with your Layers, you might want to put a check mark against each of your Career Paths once they are complete. It simply provides more feedback to the user as they work through the slide. This can be triggered by each of the new variables.