Trigger Next Button to show when video (web object) ends

I have a video on a slide as a web object (due to the size of the video file and the url of the file I can't get it to work as insert video (embed code not valid)).

I have a trigger which hides the next button at the start of the timeline.

I want the user to watch the video before the next button shows.  Is there a way to do this with a web object that is a video?  Note: the video does not autoplay.  The user must click the play button.

I'm using Storyline360




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Leslie McKerchie

Hello Rupa and welcome to E-Learning Heroes :)

Since the web object does not correspond with the timeline, there is not a way to set a trigger based on when that video ends. 

Looks like we've had some community members find ways to work with some other systems, but that is not something we can support.

If you have a tentative time frame, you could add a cue point perhaps that you could tie a trigger to.

Otherwise, hopefully the suggestions here will be able to help you out or someone can chime in to help you out.

Michael Anderson

rupa, if you are just pointing to your own mp4 file hosted on your server, then you should be able to use the free VideoJS player to interact with the video. Check out the example file for the VideoJS player on my website here and let me know if you need any help making it work for your project.

rupa dev

Hi Michael,

I checked your example file and it is working well in IE but not in Chrome. I tried to do on my own to implement the same. But, no success. Would appreciate if you could help in making the free VideoJS player solution to work for my project. Actually, we have multiple videos uploaded in one channel in SharePoint. They are linked to individual slides in Storyline 2 (Insert > From Website).  The embed code is given as an iframe code and the video plays very well when uploaded in the LMS too. We need the users to go through every video and attempt a quiz thereafter.  So, it is very important that the player interacts with the video to know the status.

Walt Hamilton

For what it's worth, best learning practice suggests that if the video is that big, the learners are going to ignore it anyway. If you break it up into smaller sections, the learners can assimilate it, you can put it in your presentation where  you'll have complete control of it, and you'll save a lot of time not having to figure out how to know when it ends.

Michael Anderson

Some Learning Management Systems are not set up for serving large videos anyway, so sometimes this is a necessary workaround. Rupa, I'll check the project in Storyline 2 and Chrome and get back to you. Did you see the Chrome issue with the Flash or HTML5 version of the course? Which version of Chrome are you using?

Michael Anderson

Yes, I just checked it. The only problem I see so far is when publishing to the local disk and trying to view it in Chrome from the local disk. I think that Chrome has a security setting that prevents this. Can you upload a test file to your LMS to see if it works okay in Chrome when published online?

Michael Anderson

That's great to hear. There is a new version of their player that you might want to use in the web object. The one I had used way back when was 5.8.8 and it looks like the current version is 6.6.0. I had also worked a little on a project that lets you resume a VideoJS embedded video where the user left off, if they come back and resume the course. I'm not sure if that project was complete, but let me know if that would be useful to you. Thanks.

Justin Allman

Hey Michael,

Thanks for the fast response. I emailed Widen support and they confirmed that no API exists for the video player at this time.

It looks like the only option to get triggers working is to use the video.js player which is possible. My issue is I'm having trouble getting it to be responsive in the storyline slide if the player window is resized. 

Do you have any experience or tips with this, I'll be the first to admin that my html coding skills are not very good.

Michael Anderson

I did a little searching and it appears that the player should be responsive, but I haven't tried it in Storyline. Here's some information on that

If I get some time this week, I will take a look at it. Let me know if you figure it out in the meantime.

Michael Anderson

Joanna, have you tried viewing it outside of review, either from your LMS or posted on a webpage? When I view the Firefox debugging from the link you posted, I see that a bunch of the files are blocked that would enable the video detection:

Blocked loading mixed active content “” - among others.

Joanna Kurpiewska

Yes, you're right - when uploaded to webpage it works fine. Thanks.

Would you mind sharing/editing js code when video is stored on my own drive rather than external resource as Vimeo? I'm trying to make SL work this way: play the video, change the var videoEnd to true and jump to next slide.

I'd appreciate any help or hint :)

Matthew Bibby
Joanna Kurpiewska

Would you mind sharing/editing js code when video is stored on my own drive rather than external resource as Vimeo? I'm trying to make SL work this way: play the video, change the var videoEnd to true and jump to next slide.


Just add a trigger to your slide that jumps to the next slide when the media completes.