Trigger Not Working

I am having a trigger on five of my slide layers not responding.  What should happen is if the user does not select a certain box, they will lose 5 points (and if they select an incorrect response, they lose 5 points as well). 

The incorrect response triggers work fine (meaning, if the user selects a wrong answer, points are lost), but the correct response triggers are not.  It may be a little difficult to understand while reading this, but the attached should explain it more (see Question 3 for the error).

Let me know if this makes sense.

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Josh Uhlig

It is definitely a confusing question. I'm not quite sure I understand what you are trying to accomplish.  It seems to me that the correct answers are working as intended though.  If I click on any of the SG1 boxes, no points are not subtracted. 

A couple things that are confusing to me:

  1. You have a variable called "Question3" that is only used once.  It is used in a trigger that supposdedly sets the value to zero under certain conditions, but since the initial value is already 0 and the variable is never changed/referenced elsewhere, this trigger serves no purpose.
  2. You left 2 triggers unassigned on your Incorrect layer.  This means the slide will never advance under incorrect conditions.  This may have been the result of deleting other slides that were part of the larger presentation.
Evan Laube


I'm thinking it would help if I shared my entire presentation.  After discussing this issue I'm having with another co-worker, he believes there is a faulty trigger and I may have to find which one it is in order to fix this problem.  Here is the attached .story.

Thanks for the response.

Josh Uhlig

I'm still not completely understanding what you are trying to accomplish with question 3.  You have it setup to subtract 5 points any time the learner selects a box other than one labeled "SG1".  Is this not what is intended?  Or did you want a maximum of 5 points subtracted for each cabinet?

As it is you could lose up to 90 points on this one question alone.  That seems a bit extreme for one question.  If you click more than 3 incorrect boxes, then you will fall below the required 85% and the quiz will be failed.

The one thing I see that is not working is that leaving SG1 unchecked has no penalty.  No points are subtracted if you fail to check any boxes.  This is because your triggers that subtract 5 points for not selecting the SG1 box are dependent on clicking the SG1 box . 

(they are triggered "When the user clicks").

Josh Uhlig

Another thing about your SG1 triggers:  If you click an SG1 box repeatedly, it will subtract 5 points each time it is unchecked.  Again, this is because the trigger to subtract points is dependent on clicking the SG1 buttons, and there is nothing preventing the user from clicking it repeatedly.

Evan Laube

Thanks for the help Josh, but I still can't get it to work.

You said it may be "extreme" to get three incorrect responses, and then must start over.  But this is forcing the user to correctly determine the right answer.  Plus, with the surveys we've had with the end users, they wanted more scenario based testing, which will force them to read and understand the material before taking the quiz.

Back to the project itself.  So I understand that I would need to create another trigger to say "The user loses 5 points if the box remains unchecked and not clicked on."  If this is correct, what would the trigger be?

I am still fairly new with Storyline (only been playing with it for two weeks), so I'm still getting the hang of the functionality of the program.

Josh Uhlig

Assuming the following:

  • You want any box checked that is not labeled SG1 to subtract 5 points from the total, AND

  • You want to subtract 5 points from the total for each SG1 box left unchecked

Here is what I would do: (these are just suggestions, but I feel it results in a much cleaner version of question 3.)

  1. First of all, clean up your boxes.  They are currently made up of 3 separate objects (a rectangle, text box, and another rectangle with a checked state.  This could be ONE rectangle with text and a selected state that includes a checkmark.  So instead of 69 objects, you will bring it down to 23.

  2. You can accomplish the desired results with a lot less effort in terms of triggers.  I suggest starting from scratch, and add 23 triggers to your submit button when clicked.  The triggers look at each of the 23 SG boxes to see if it is in a selected state or not.  the SG1 triggers will subtract 5 points if it is not selected, and all other boxes will subtract 5 point if they are selected.  The points will be subtracted from an overall Question3points variable (rather than individual cabinetpoint variables).

  3. You will then create 2 simple triggers - one that shows the correct layer if the Question3Points variable = zero (no points sunbtracted) and another than shows the incorrect layer if Question3points is not equal to zero.  These must be placed AFTER the 23 triggers explained above.  These triggers are much simpler than your existing triggers that look at what boxes are currently checked since you've already calculated the appropriate score in the first 23 triggers.

  4. Finally, add the Question3points variable to Total when the user clicks the Next Question button on your Correct and Incorrect layers (rather than adding each of the cabinetpoints variables separately).

  5. You can also add triggers to the appropriate cabinet layers to add or subtract 1 to the LC variable if still needed.

Take a look at the attached story file with the cleaned up question 3.  I think you will agree it is much easier to understand and track.  Hope it makes sense and does what you need it to.

Evan Laube

Josh, from what I can tell, THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I WANTED!!!

Thank you for your guidance and patience on this question.  Its pretty difficult to describe what you want from behind a keyboard, but you were able to build exactly what I needed.  Kudos to you and thanks for all of you help!!