trigger not working in test mode

Hello Community!

I am trying to make a new layer (a menu) appear when I'm in a recorded test mode. I added the trigger on a button/picture for the appearance of the layer but it returns an incorrect click message (since I did click in the wrong spot, as I clicked on the menu button and not on the right place for the test).

Any way to fix that?? --> Have my button make the layer appear even if im in a "multiple choice" slide in test mode.


Edit: The trigger works fine when I want to jump to another slide. The problem is only when I want to hav a new layer appear

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Ryan Granville

Thanks for you message Leslie. Here is .story file with my problem. Once you go in the preview mode simply try to click on "Click here to open menu" button to understand it all :)

If anyone has an idea on how to make that layer/menu show I would really appreciate it!

Wendy Farmer

Hi Ryan

I think it's because you have set up a hotspot quiz slide.  So if the user clicks anywhere on the slide except the correct hotspot area they will get the 'incorrect response' layer.

I added a layer called 'click for menu' with a trigger to show that layer when the timeline starts just so you could see that it does work but not on the base layer.

I'm sure someone will chime in with a workaround for you.

Ryan Granville

Hi Wendie,

Thank you for your message! Yes this is the exact problem I'm facing. I already found a work around which is to use the "hover over" trigger but I would really prefer to click on the menu button to make my layer appear (Since this is what I do in the rest of my simulation)

Any incredible idea from the community ? :)

Wendy Farmer

Hi Ryan

I have updated the story file and done a quick video of what I did.

You need to reset the 'menu' variable back to false when the learner clicks the submit button so that it is ready for the trigger on start of next slide.

Hope this makes sense and good luck with your project.

Ryan Granville

Thanks a lot for your solution Wendy and the explanations were great I understand how you did it now! I could definetly use that but I would really have liked no to have a submit button after the user clicks, i think it makes it more intuitive for the navigation. Would someone have an idea how to do that?