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Aug 18, 2016

Screen shot

In this screen, the green rectangles are hotspots to go to other slides for more information about each field (type, due date...).  So learners can keep track of which fields they've learned about, I want a check mark (shown beside "Type") to appear after they've visited the other slide.  I created variables that correspond to each field, and I've set the check mark's initial state to hidden.  The trigger I'm showing is the trigger to set it to normal if the variable Type is true.  This isn't working, and I can't figure out why.  In the slides that correspond with each of the fields shown in this slide, I also set the corresponding variable to true, so when the learner returns here, I thought the check mark trigger would work.  It does not.  I would appreciate any help with this. Thanks!!

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Brian Allen

Hi Lucy,

Couple of ideas -

  1. Since your learners appear to be jumping to other slides then returning to this one, try changing the state of the green checkmarks when the timeline begins for this slide, rather than when the variable changes.
  2. For your hotspot triggers, try changing the value of your variable before jumping to the corresponding slide. The order of your triggers matter, because you may be jumping to the corresponding slide before Storyline has a chance to change the value of the variable.

Finally, when I'm troubleshooting issues like this it's sometimes helpful for me to see the value of the variables on the slide so that I can confirm they are being properly adjusted. You can do this by inserting a text box on your slide, then inserting a variable reference that looks like this (without quotes) "%variablename%".

Lucy Wood

Thanks for your thoughts, Brian.  I do have a question with your first response.  The learners visit this slide BEFORE going to the additional slides, so if I set the check marks to appear at the start of the timeline for THIS slide, the first time they arrive at this slide the check marks will be visible.  Am I interpreting your answer correctly?

Brian Allen

Great question, You'll still want to leave the condition on the trigger, so it will look something like "change state of green arrow to "normal" when timeline for this slide begins if value of variable "Type" equals "True"".

By leaving the condition you're telling Storyline to only change the state of the arrow if the variable is true, indicating that the user has clicked on that corresponding hot spot.

Brian Allen

In addition to Leslie's suggestion on sharing a file, which would be very helpful, you may check the slide properties for your slide with the hotspots on it.

Are you making it resume the saved state? Are you letting Storyline automatically decide?

I would recommend either letting Storyline decide or resetting it to initial state and see if that makes a difference.

Brian Allen

It seems like a small thing, but the trigger for changing the state of your checkmark was set to occur at the beginning of the timeline of the checkmark object. Technically I'm not sure why this wouldn't work, but it didn't seem to be working.

What I normally do is set these types of triggers to happen at the beginning of the slide's timeline, which can sometimes be a little tricky to pick out in the drop down menu (screenshot below).

I've updated your project and attached it here.

Hope this helps,


Walt Hamilton

As a further FYI, Brian's solution is state of the art, and fixed your first problem, which nobody has mentioned here, but is an important distinction to know. Originally you had the state change set to occur when the variable changed. Since the variable was changing on another slide, this slide didn't hear it, and did not initiate the trigger.

Something to watch out for, and just one of the reasons why Brian's approach is best.

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