Trigger on the master layer resets started layers interaction

Hi Everybody,

I am experiencing a problem with interaction between layers.

Problem to solve:

I have a sequence of layers, each one with one button which triggers to show up next layer and another button available at any time that gives user an opportunity to show hint (fly in and out an object, help window).

This is how I am trying to solve this:

I have a master layer with a button which triggers to show another layer on which there is a help object and it flies in when triggered.

On the main layer, I have a button which triggers to show up 1st layer, on a 1st layer I have a button which triggers 2nd layer.

When I click on "Show 1st layer button", then it goes to layer 2 and show "1st layer picture" (correct) but when I try to use Help on second and third layer, it shows help but also resets layers sequence to Main layer so I have to start an excersise from the beginning.

I would like to have a second layer still visible after using help and be able to continue with excercise.

Thank you in advance.

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Donna Morvan

Hello Adam,

i see what you mean by this. I tried it and it seems to me that this may be one of those projects where you can take advatage of other options in articulate instead to achieve the same effect.

some suggestions:

1. Spread out your content in individual slides instead and just use the slide master to have that look you are going for so youre really just changing the content each time.

2. If you want to stick to using 1 slide with multiple layers, For the hints, you can use lightbox instead.