Trigger only checks once?

Apr 29, 2021

Hi heroes


I am creating a maths assessment which contains a couple of calculations on a slide. As the user completes the data boxes, I have set a trigger to check all boxes for certain conditions and if correct, will display a green tick (no clicking of a submit button as there are a couple of questions on the slide). This works once they have added the data but it they change the data in any input box, the variable still remains as true and the tick remains. How can I adapt my trigger to show the tick if all boxes are correct but to remove it if any of the boxes are changed to be incorrect?


Many thanks

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Tony Sault

Sorry to be a pain but I have another issue with this. The trigger to hide incorrect inputs works for all but one of my input boxes. The input is a drop down menu where the user selects a maths symbol. Each symbol is assigned a number. The correct answer is divide and this is assigned as 4. I have created a test box to show the actual variable on my screen and one to check the value of 4 is correct. However, although the variable does change to 4, the check variable does not clarify it as seen in my attached image.

Judy Nollet

Hi, Tony,

It could be related to using a text entry instead of a numeric entry. It could be related to losing focus, since that's the "when" in the trigger. But I can't tell.

I suggest you experiment with adjustments. Then, if you're still stuck, you could contact Articulate's support staff.

Tony Sault

I think I have a solution but it may not be what was intended. I changed the "lose focus" to "when variable changes" and selected the variable in the text box. this seems to have done the trick. I did a "hide" trigger version and it all seems to work... (for the moment lol).

Thank you Judy for your replies.