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Dec 11, 2017

Hi all

Fairly new to Storyline three. I would like to create a trigger for a correct answer. I have already built a layer to be revealed. My slide has 5 statements, three of which is correct. Each statements has a check box (I used the Storyline 3 built-in check box option from the Input ribbon). I don't know how to reveal my "correct answer" layer when the student checks the three correct answers together, but not the two incorrect answers. Inside the trigger wizard, there does not seem to be an option for "When: the student checks the box".check box slide

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Gerhard Badenhorst

Hi Cary - great response thank you so much. Unfortunately, though I created variables exactly the way you did - I still have a few problems. For starters, the "correct answer" layer is trigger no matter which box is ticked (in my project). Also, The "incorrect answer" layer is  not triggered when false answers are selected. I took quite a while to try and find my error - must be my inexperience 'cause I can't crack it. Would you mind looking at this slide? It is the "question layer" in the third slide.

Cary Glenn

Hi, I got it working for you. There were 3 problems. 

1. The variable was originally set to "True". This is a default in Storyline (I don't know why it just is.) So I set it to false to start.

2. You had a trigger on one of boxes instead of the "Submit" button.

3. This is the trickiest one. We needed to have boxes 2 and 5 also in the conditions. I set these to "not equal to Selected". 

Let me know what you think.

This is a tricky one with the variables but it is a great way of testing. Well done.

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