Trigger pane - actual triggers collapsed?

Can I stop this happening?

Instead of showing my triggers in the trigger pane, I keep just getting a blue line (e.g. under Dublin on the picture).  The triggers are still there because it works as expected, and if I double click the blue line the wizard comes up.  There is also a trigger under Londonderry, which isn't showing.

I've had it before where the full trigger doesn't display unless you double click it -  but there's always a bit of a trigger there, never just a blue line.

It's making it a bit difficult to know where I'm up to with it, so if there is a way to stop it - please let me know :)

Cheers, Laura

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Laura Brunning

No, it might be the same blue line that appears when you select a trigger, but instead of showing any text , my triggers showed as a blue line that you had to double click on to see the details. e.g. under Dublin - that thin blue line is actually 4 triggers. That all still worked on preview, I just can't see them


This morning, I've added more, and in the trigger pane, e.g. under Aberdeen, there are 4 triggers, but it only shows me three of them.  the 4th one (incorrect layer) still works, I just can't see it's been put in.  It isn't anywhere else in the list either.

The problem only seems to happen on triggers with "dropped over" or "dragged over" arguments in them.

Cheers, Laura

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